Purchasing your first house or buying your second one is an exciting occasion in any case, it can likewise be an upsetting one in the event that you haven’t gotten your work done. Luckily for you, RicoDEAL has the experience, the information to help you discov?er your new home.

Buying a property is a big step involving a long-term financial commitment, so it requires a thorough assessment of what you can afford.

Before you even begin searching online, sit down and think about what you “need” versus what you “want” in a home.

Start with the things you absolutely need: three bedrooms, central air, a backyard, a good school district, etc.

Then list your wants: hardwood floors, a large kitchen or a swimming pool. By keeping these distinctions in mind, you can focus your search on the homes that meet all of your needs and include at least a few of your wants.

 Always be prepared to make some compromises to stay within your price range.

Make sure to balance your near-term needs with your long-term goals. With a tight housing market, it’s not always possible to sell and buy a new house every few years.

RicoDEAL is here to make it easy for you. We will help you like this!

  1. Help you get the best sources of mortgage loans, in negotiating the terms of those loans, and working effectively with the lender.
  2. Mapping of active, under contract, and sold properties meeting your search criteria, to help you get a comprehensive understanding of the market niche that your criteria define (e.g., so that you are aware of all the neighborhoods where you could buy a home, how quickly homes in those neighborhoods sell and for what differential off asking price).
  3. Talk you out of buying homes you like but that are likely to be difficult resales.  We’ve been through thousands of houses with hundreds of buyers, so we know more about this than you do.
  4. Help talk you through the standard offer form.
  5. Help you analysis price and value and work through a negotiating strategy.  We would not take the negotiating process over for you, but we can give you helpful advice.  We can always provide some perspective, since we’ve been through this every time.
  6. Recommend inspectors and types of inspections and tests. In addition to a general inspection, we always recommend a video scoping of the sewer line and testing for meth contamination…not necessarily things most buyers would think of.
  7. Assist in interpreting inspection results and negotiating inspection issues…and making the decision as to whether this house is worth fighting through these issues for. Again, your decisions, but we can add perspective from experience.
  8. Assist in reading documents like HOA finances and title commitments, making sure you get all the right documents, and pushing for additional information and documents when info and experience demand it.
  9. Assist in coordinating communications between the Lender and Title Company, Seller and Buyer, so that everything is properly prepared for closing.  Most of the last minute nightmares that buyers have at or near closing are a function of information not moving properly between these people.
  10. Help you through the closing process and closing documents.

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